Spring 2022 Primary Results

Easttown Democrats came out in large numbers to vote on Primary Day, May 17th. Between in person voting and mail in ballots, the Democratic turnout was 43%! This was a substantial increase over the 2018 Governor Primary when only 31% of Democrats voted. Easttown Dems are obviously engaged and motivated for this year’s November General election!

Overall, 1,539 Democrats voted with about 931 voting in person on Election Day and 608 choosing to use the convenience of Vote By Mail. The winning candidates were:

  • US Senator – John Fetterman
  • US House of Representatives, 6th District – Chrissy Houlahan (incumbent)
  • PA Governor – Josh Shapiro
  • PA Lieutant Governor – Austin Davis
  • PA State Representative, 157th District – Melissa Shusterman (incumbent)

Spring 2021 Primary Results

Historically, municipal primary elections which occur in odd years without President, Governor or Senate candidates running, often have low voter turnout. For instance, in 2013 only 300 (11%) of Easttown Democrats bothered to vote in that year’s primary while 734 (25%) voted in 2017.

This year saw a substantial increase in the number of voters to about 1,200 (36%) of Easttown Democrats voting which is an impressive 59% increase in turnout over 2017 despite concerns about Covid or competing with a gorgeous day to be outside rather than voting. 

Spring 2020 Primary Results

Despite the obstacles of Covid-19 and learning how to vote-by-mail for the first time by many voters, 1,926 Easttown registered Democrats cast their ballots in record-breaking numbers for the June 2nd Democratic Primary. Showing substantial interest in the election, the number of registered Democratic voters casting their ballot in the 2020 Primary increased by 25% compared to the 2016 Primary. Based on these results, it’s fairly certain that November’s voter turnout will also break all records.

Democratic turnout was 56% as 1,926 Democratic voters cast their ballot out of 3,412 registered Democrats which is significantly higher than the 1,547 votes or 46% turnout for the 2016 Spring Primary. Of the 1,926 Democratic ballots cast, 1,560 or 81% were cast by mail as Easttown Democratic voters strongly embraced the convenience of voting by mail.

Attached are two tables detailing the official June 2nd Democratic Primary results. The data is based on the official numbers provided by Chester County Voter Services. Table 1 breaks out the data for the state, county and township. Table 2 breaks out the data by precinct for Easttown Township.

TABLE 1 – Easttown Primary 2020 Primary Results – State, County, Easttown

TABLE 2 – Easttown Primary 2020 by Precinct

Spring 2019 Primary Results

Showing enthusiasm and a desire-for-change, Easttown and Chester County Democrats came out in impressive numbers for the May 21 Primary. The Democratic voter turnout nearly doubled from a comparable odd-year municipal primary in 2015. See Easttown Democratic May 2015 & 2019 Primary Comparisons.

In Easttown, 852 Democratic voters cast their ballots compared to only 547 Republican voters while across Chester County, there were 30,070 votes cast by Democrats compared to 26,272 by Republicans. See detailed Easttown Democratic May 2019 Primary precinct results and Chester County results.