2021 General Election Results - Democrats Nearly Sweep in Easttown!

This election brought lots of good news for Democrats!

  • Democratic Candidates Won EVERY Race in Township – Eric Unger (D) and Alex Bosco (D) won their races for Township Supervisor, while Valinda Garcia (D) won the Treasurer race, Erik Borjeson (D) won the Auditor race, and Harrison Chaess (D) won the Constable race. 
  • Democratic Candidates Won TE School Board Races – Susan Audrain (D) and Maryann Piccioni (D) defeated their Republican challengers.
  • Chester County Elects Democrats – All four of the Democratic County Row Office candidates swept to victory. Incumbents Treasurer Patricia Maisano (51%), Controller Margaret Reif (52%), and Clerk of Courts Yoland Van de Krohl (52%) were re-elected for second terms while Deputy Coroner Sophia Garcia-Jackson (52%), who was running for Coroner for the first time also won. Both Democratic candidates running for 10-year term judgeships on the Court of Common Pleas, Alita Rovito and Tony Verwey, won. Mackenzie Smith, in a major upset, won by 213 votes over two time Republican incumbent Tom Tartaglio.    
  • Excellent Turnout – 46% of Easttown voters voted in this election compared to 37% in 2017 and 23% in 2013! Overall, 979 more ballots were cast this week than in 2017 for a 33% increase. See Table 1 for details
  • Voter Registration Increased – Overall voter registration in Easttown increased by 524 new voters (7%) compared to 2017. Easttown now has 8,588 registered voters compared to 8,064 in 2017.
  • Vote By Mail versus Voting in Person – 27% of the ballots were cast by mail and 73% of the ballots were cast in person at voting locations. See Table 2 for details 
  • More than 50% of Easttown Registered Voters Still Didn’t Vote – 3,919 registered voters voted compared to 4,630 registered voters who didn’t bother to vote at all.
  • Democratic and Republican Turnout – Based on the high number of votes for all the candidates, both Democrats and Republicans came out in record numbers for an odd-year election.

Check all the updated election results on the Chester County Election Results page and for more in-depth analysis of all the races, read here

2020 General Election Results (Presidential)

Despite the obstacles of the Covid-19 pandemic and learning how to vote-by-mail for the first time by some voters, 7,653 Easttown registered voters cast their ballots in record-breaking numbers for the November 2nd General Election.

Overall turnout was a remarkably high with 87% of all Easttown voters participating. The number of Easttown registered voters casting their ballot in the 2020 election increased by 1,145 voters (23%) compared to 2016. The major reasons for the increased turnout were probably due to the huge interest in the presidential election as well as over 52% of Easttown voters taking advantage of the convenience of voting by mail.

The majority of Easttown voters selected ALL DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES. 

  • Joe Biden received 4,765 votes (62%) compared to 2,744 votes (36%) for Trump.
  • Josh Shapiro (D) received 4,193 votes(57%) compared to 3,148 votes (43%) for Heather Heidelbaugh (R) in the PA Attorney General race.
  • Joe Torsella (D) received 4,008 votes (55%) compared to 3,290 votes (45%) for Stacy Garrity (R) in the PA Treasurer race. Unfortunately, Torsella lost at the state level.
  • Nina Ahmad (D) received 3,864 votes (53%) for 3,390 votes (47%) Timothy Defoor (R) in the PA Auditor General race. Unfortunately, Ahmad lost at the state level.
  • Chrissy Houlahan (D) received 4,400 votes (58%) compared to 3,154 votes (42%) for John Emmons (R) in the US House of Representative race (6th District).
  • Christine Howard (D) received 4,089 votes (55%) compared to 3,378 votes (45%) for Wendy Leland (R) in the PA State General Assembly Representative race (167th district) .

Attached are tables detailing the official 2020 General Election results updated with the final results as of November 22, 2020. Table 1 breaks out the data for the state, county and township while Table 2 breaks compares the 2020 and 2016 presidential races for Easttown Township.

TABLE 1 – Easttown 2020 General Election Results – State, County, Easttown

TABLE 2 – Easttown 2020 and 2016 Presidential Races Compared

2019 General Election Results

Easttown Township and Chester County voters came out in record numbers to support Democratic candidates across the board for a historic Democratic sweep at the county and local level! Notable firsts at the county level include electing two Democrats as County Commissioners for the first time in modern history and Deb Ryan was the first Democrat and first woman ever elected to be County District Attorney. At the local level, Democrats Michael Wacey and Beth D’Antonio were elected for their first time to the Easttown Township Board of Supervisors, Democrat Eric Knight was re-elected as Auditor, Democrat Mary Garrett Itin was re-elected to the TE School Board, and Democrat Sue Tiede was elected for her first time to TE School Board.

In Easttown Township, out of 8,251 registered voters, 3,740 cast ballots for a strong turnout of 45.3%. In the last similar municipal election in 2015, voter turnout was 29.6%.

See the official 2019 Easttown Township results for township and school board races and see the official 2019 Easttown Township results for the Chester County races

2018 General Election Results (Governor)

Easttown voters came out in record numbers for a non-presidential election. All the Democratic candidates on this year’s ballot including Bob Casey, Chrissy Houlahan, Tom Wolf, Tim Kearney and Kristine Howard won a majority of votes in Easttown Township. History was made as Chrissy Houlahan became the first Easttown resident and woman elected to the US House of Representatives.

Below is a table with the results across Easttown Township. You can also see the 2018 election results by precinct, a 2018 comparison to 2014 election by precinct, or by statewide and district wide results.

Registered Voters
Ballots Cast
Voter Turnout (%)
US Senate
D – Robert Casey
R – Lou Barletta



US House of Representatives
D – Chrissy Houlahan
R – Don McCauley



PA Governor
D – Tom Wolf
R – Scott Wagner



PA Senate – 26th District
D – Tim Kearney
R – Tom McGarrigle



PA Representative – 167th District
D – Kristine Howard
R – Duane Milne