Election 2022 – Democratic Candidates Sweep Easttown

Easttown voters overwhelmingly selected Democratic candidates in this year’s election!  Obviously, the Republican embrace of rightwing issues such as banning abortion, de-funding public education with school vouchers, opposing sensible gun reforms, refusing to take effective action on climate change, making it harder to vote, and continuing to push 2020 election conspiracy theories, helped draw a clear contrast between Democrats and Republicans in this election with Easttown voters clearly preferring the Democratic slate of candidates. 

  • US SENATE RACE – John Fetterman received 3,753 votes (59%) compared to 2,461 votes (39%) for Mehmet Oz.
  • PA GOVERNOR RACE – Josh Shapiro received 4,242 votes (67%) compared to 1,957 votes (31%) for Doug Mastriano.
  • US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES – Chrissy Houlahan received 3,877 votes (61%) compared to 2,472 for Guy Ciarrocchio (39%).    
  • PA REPRESENTATIVE – Melissa Shusterman received 3,765 votes (60%) compared to 2,553 votes (40%) for Sarah Marvin.    

Table 1 shows the official 2022 General Election by precinct in Easttown and Table 2 compares the results of 2022, 2018, and 2014. Table 3 shows Overall Voter Turnout with a breakout showing Vote-By-Mail, versus Election Day Voting. Voter Turnout was high with 72% of all Easttown registered voters voting.  Table 4 summarizes the races in Easttown, Chester County and Pennsylvania. 

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