Big Democratic Turnout, PA House Saved

Thank you to Democrats everywhere for all you did this election cycle – voting, talking to your neighbors, canvassing, dropping off sample ballots at your neighbor’s mailboxes, organizing, working inside and outside the polls, and so much more. You delivered impressive results and we are grateful for the support and dedication you all bring to the community. 

Thanks to your efforts, we had an impressive Democratic township-wide turnout in Easttown with 32% more Democrats voting in 2023 compared to 2019! Overall, Democratic turnout in Easttown was 35% compared to 28% in 2019. Only 24% of Eastown Republicans bothered to vote in the Primary for their candidates. Easttown registered Democrats now outnumber registered Republicans by 102. Easttown Democrats are fired up and ready to go for the Fall campaign (after resting over Memorial Day)! 

Here are a few more highlights:

  • Congratulations to our local township and school board Democratic winners!  We look forward to supporting them in the November general election.
    • Susan LeBoutillier and Sean Axel for Easttown Board of Supervisors
    • Amer Sajed for Auditor
    • Sue Tiede for TE School Board
  • Except for the five openings in the Chester County Common Plea Court race, none of the local races were contested. In the Common Pleas Court race, Sarah Black, an assistant public defender with the county, led the field with 38,345 votes, or 18.4% of the total. She was followed by county District Attorney Deborah Ryan with 34,404 votes, or 16.5%; county Sheriff Fredda Maddox with 34,112 votes, or 16.3%; current Judge Nicole Forzato with 33,419 votes, or 16%; and Newlin attorney Thomas “Tip” McCabe with 27,927 votes, or 13.4%
  • The other winners of the Democratic Primary are:
    • Daniel McCaffery for Justice of the PA Supreme Court
    • Timika Lane and Jill Beck for Judge of the PA Superior Court
    • Matt Wolf for Judge of the PA Commonwealth Court
    • Josh Maxwell and MArian Moskowitz for Chester County Commissioner
    • Christopher de Barrena-Sarobe for Chester County District Attorney
    • Kevin Dykes for Chester County Sheriff
    • Debbie Bookman for Chester County Prothonotary
    • Michele Vaughn for Chester County Register of Wills
    • Diane O’Dwyer for Chester County Recorder of Deeds 
  • Thank you to many of you for lending your efforts to Heather Boyd’s critically important campaign in Upper Darby Township to maintain Democratic control of the PA House of Representatives. In this closely watched race, Democrat Heather Boyd won the seat by over 20 percentage points (9,369 to 6,028) in a convincing victory!

We look forward to transitioning into full general election mode so we can keep on delivering from now through election day and beyond. 

Click here to view the specific results for Easttown and Chester County.

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