We're here to help you vote and elect Democrats to local, state and federal office.

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We're here to help you vote
and elect Democrats to local,
state and federal offices.

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The local campaigns are heating up and going strong. We see a lot of excitement and enthusiasm for our terrific slate of Democratic candidates. Please keep in mind:

  1. Whether you plan to vote in person or by mail, check our website sample ballots for our recommended candidates.

  2. Democrats win ONLY when Democrats vote! Easttown Republicans are well-funded and working hard. We underestimate them at our peril. Please don’t skip this election as we need a big Democratic turnout!

  3. If you want to help stop MAGA world from rearing it’s head in 2024 then vote Democratic in 2023! What’s at stake? How about redistricting? How about reproductive choices? How about voter suppression? How about climate change?

On November 7th, Support These Democratic Candidates!


  • Susan LeBoutillier and Sean Axel for Easttown Board of Supervisors (Be Sure to Vote for BOTH!)
  • Amer Sajed for Easttown Auditor
  • Sue Tiede for TE School Board


  • Daniel McCaffery for Justice of the PA Supreme Court
  • Timika Lane and Jill Beck for Judge of the PA Superior Court
  • Matt Wolf for Judge of the PA Commonwealth Court


  • Deborah Ryan
  • Fredda Maddox
  • Judge Nicole Forzato
  • Thomas “Tip” McCabe


  • Josh Maxwell and Marian Moskowitz for Chester County Commissioner (Be Sure to Vote for BOTH!)
  • Christopher de Barrena-Sarobe for Chester County District Attorney
  • Kevin Dykes for Chester County Sheriff
  • Debbie Bookman for Chester County Prothonotary
  • Michele Vaughn for Chester County Register of Wills
  • Diane O’Dwyer for Chester County Recorder of Deeds


Beware Anti-Abortion Republican Judge Running for Supreme Court!

This November, Pennsylvanians have the power to protect our courts from MAGA judge Carolyn Carluccio. Carluccio is an anti-abortion judge backed by groups who want to ban abortion and take away civil rights, worker rights, and the freedom to vote for many Pennsylvanians. She ran on being anti-abortion during the primary but then tried to delete her anti-abortion positions from her website to hide them from voters.

DEMOCRAT DANIEL McCAFFERY, on the other hand, will stand with everyday Pennsylvanians to protect our rights and freedoms. He will ensure that the courts protect people, not just the rich and powerful. Judge McCaffrey is a veteran and long-time public servant. He has the trust and support of valued groups such as Planned Parenthood and organized labor.

Stop a MAGA takeover of our highest court by VOTING FOR JUDGE DANIEL MCCAFFERY! Learn more.

Chester County Elected Democrats Are Delivering Smart, Efficient Government!

Since ending 150 years of Republican rule of Chester County government in 2019, we’ve seen refreshing changes in Chester County. Democrats have delivered on their promises to have government become more responsive, cut waste, and more effectively serve our citizens. That’s a trend that everyone should want to see continued, and a theme for this November’s election. We need to re-elect current County Commissioner Josh Maxwell and County Commissioner Marian MoskowitzDebbie Bookman for Prothonotary, Michele Vaughn for Register of Wills, and Diane O’Dwyer as Recorder of Deeds, and newly elect Christopher de Barrena-Sarobe for District Attorney, and Kevin Dyes for Sheriff

Vote-By-Mail Ballots Will Soon Be On Their Way!
Secure Drop Box Location in Front of Easttown Library
Oct 24-Nov 7, 9AM-6PM Mon-Fri; 10AM -2PM Sat-Sun

3 Reasons Why Thousands of Easttown Voters Love Using Vote-By-Mail (VBM)

1. Vote in the comfort of your home at the time of your choosing. Whether in your pajamas, with a glass of wine, over dinner, or 2AM in the morning, you can vote when it’s convenient for you.

2. Life doesn’t get in the way when you use VBM. Despite the best of intentions, many voters don’t make it to the voting booth on Election Day for lots of good reasons such as illness, getting stuck in traffic on Route 202 or the Schuykill Expressway, a meeting goes too long at work, your plane flying into Philly is delayed by several hours and you don’t make it back in time, there’s a pandemic, it’s raining, you’re tired, your kids are sick and you can’t leave the house, you honestly forget there’s an election, etc. VBM just makes it so easy to vote. Plus, no standing around in lines!

3. Fewer phone calls, texts and door knocks from campaigns. Once your ballot has been returned to the Chester County Board of Elections, your name and phone number should disappear from candidates call and walk lists. You’ll like receiving fewer calls and it also benefits the campaigns as they’ll have fewer people to contact as they get closer to Election Day.

So what are you waiting for? It only takes seconds to sign up. The deadline is October 31. Click here to request your mail-in ballot today. Don’t delay as the sooner you request a ballot the sooner you’ll receive it. If you want to check the status of your VBM application, click here.

NOTE: Easttown voters who have already signed up for Vote-By-Mail can expect to start receiving their ballots around October 11th. 


If You Value: 

    • Women’s reproductive freedom

    • Governmental action, not theatrics

    • Climate crisis reversal

    • Election integrity

    • Law and order

    • Responsible gun ownership

    • Responsible investment in technology, infrastructure, education

    • Decency and dignity in the Office of the President

    • Moderation and bipartisanship in your president

    • Cabinet level leadership with qualifications and integrity

    • Supreme Court ethics

    • Continued economic recovery from COVID

    • Global stability and NATO solidarity

    • Responsible and equitable deficit reduction

… then the Democratic Party is for you.

Under the Biden presidency:

  • Unemployment is near a 50 year low

  • More jobs have been created in 3 years than under the combined 24 years of Republican presidencies of Trump, Bush 1 & Bush 2, and Reagan

  • Investments in infrastructure and technology are revitalizing communities across America

  • Wages are now clearly outpacing inflation (see below, more on that soon), and Americans are getting ahead. We are, finally, getting to the other side of the shocks of COVID and the Russian attack on Ukraine

  • Job growth and GDP growth remain strong, a recession is not on the horizon. Our recovery has been better than any other advanced economy in the world

  • The deficit is way down

  • The stock market is on a good run

  • In recent months both the poverty and uninsured rates hit record lows, worker satisfaction is at all-time high, and new business starts are at historically elevated levels

  • The President’s far-sighted investments in our future prosperity are already generating remarkable results, and America has once again become a global leader in countering climate change


Easttown Township has 12 citizen boards and commissions that advise the Township Board of Commissioners. New terms will begin in January 2023 for various boards, from the Historical Commission to the Parks & Recreation Board to the Zoning Hearing Board – and plenty in between. We strongly encourage Easttown Democrats to join these Boards & Commissions.

Volunteering to serve in one of these advisory roles is a significant way you can contribute to your community. Visit the township website which gives you all the information about the different volunteer opportunities. October 27, 2023 is the deadline for turning in your application. 

  • Easttown Library Board of Trustees – 2 Vacancies
  • Easttown Municipal Authority – 2 Vacancies
  • Emergency Management Coordinator – 1 Vacancy
  • Environmental Advisory Council – 2 Vacancies
  • Historical Commission Vacancies – 2 Vacancies
  • Planning Commission – 1 Vacancy
  • Stormwater Management Advisory Committee  – 2 Vacancies
  • Zoning Hearing Board – 2 Vacancies

There are no upcoming events at this time



Please be sure that your registered students who will be away at college in the Fall are registered to vote and have signed up to Vote-by-Mail. Have them sign up now or over the summer – once they get to college they’ll be too busy! Super convenient – Students can have their Vote By Mail Ballot mailed to them directly to their Fall semester address instead of being sent to their home addresses. Vote by Mail Request Online Form

Remind your high school students who will be 18 that it only takes a minute or two to apply to register online

Last Day to Register to VoteOct 23

Last Day to Apply for Mail In BallotOct 31

Last Day to Return Mail In Ballot: Nov 7, by 8 PM

General Election Day: Nov 7



Senator Robert Casey(D),   Senator John Fetterman(D)

Representative Chrissy Houlahan(D)


Senator Carolyn Comitta (D),   Representative Melissa Shusterman (D)